Potted Autumn Britten Everbearing Red Raspberry Plants - Large & Sweet

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Live Autumn Britten Everbearing Red Raspberry Plants.
These are  live, rooted potted plants...not bare root canes or bare root plants. Grown in soil less planting mix from rootstock Certified to be free of diseases and virus by the State of Washington. If you are buying raspberry plants dug from a home garden...you risk getting diseases along with your raspberry plants. We can ship to all states. Since these plants are fully rooted potted plants, they will grow quickly to about 3+ feet tall this year.


HIGH YIELDS, IMPROVED EVER BEARING. Autumn Britten red raspberries are the earliest fall bearing raspberries, often called ever bearing raspberries.. The berries turn red in mid-July and will ripen through October. Over 50% of the yield will be produced in the first 3 weeks. It is the best ever bearing Raspberry for the West Coast and Upper Mid West. Autumn Britten is cold hardy, yet heat tolerant for Southern Growers.

Produces large yields of sweet raspberries in USDA zones 3-9. Autumn Britten is one of the most productive ever bearing raspberries! Autumn Britten are large, sweet, firm, juicy berries, producing farmers market quality fruit. Great for fresh eating, pies, jams, freezing, wine/juice and specialty desserts. Canes are upright and vigorous. Autumn Britten is disease resistant. Although the canes are sturdy, this high yielding variety will bow under the weight of the berries and should have a low trellis. After all berries have been picked in the fall, simply mow down all canes. Autumn Britten ever bearing raspberries will produce berries this year. 

Shipped dormant without leaves in fall and winter and with leaves in spring and summer.

Great Freezing Quality, Highly Productive! Popular Choice for Fresh Market & Back Yard Gardeners Excellent Shipping Quality, Rich Raspberry Taste.

Plants comes with detailed planting, growing and care instructions...and you can call or email if you have additional questions.

Will produce berries in Fall and Spring depending on how plants are managed.

Price includes shipping.