Austrian Pine, Pinus nigra - 5-8 inch potted tree -Landscape, Pre Bonsai

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Austrian Pine, Pinus nigra

A very hardy pine tree that can withstanding city pollution or seaside/road salt conditions.  Good for windbreaks, shelter belts, wildlife habitat, Christmas trees and as specimen trees. Long dense needles will absorb sound from highways and railroads. It is the best shade tree of any of the pines. Grows to 60 foot tall and 30 foot wide in USDA Zones 4-8.

Also makes a great bonsai tree.

Plant in full sun. Likes moist, well-drained soil , but will tolerate some drought conditions and problem soils. Not recommended in the Chicago area. Check with your local University or State Forestry Department to see if Austrian Pine is recommended in your area.

5-8 inch potted trees are shipped rooted in soil. Pots are removed for shipping.

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If you are planning to plant in a container for a season, we recommend our Quick Draining Potting Soil Mix.