Japanese Black Pine Seedlings - Live Potted Trees or Bare Root Trees

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 Japanese black pine (Pinus thunbergii)

A small irregular pyramidal shaped dark green pine. Great for bonsai, as a container, shade, or accent tree. Japanese Black Pines can reach 25 – 40 feet high and 25 – 35 feet wide in maturity. Prefers full sun in well draining soil and is drought tolerant. Hardy in USDA zones 6 - 8.  

Available in 3 sizes - Click on drop down arrow to see all quantities, sizes and prices.

8-14 inch potted 1 year old - Available year round or until sold out - Small quantities Ships USPS and large quantities ship UPS. Mix of landscape and prebonsai.


8-18 inch bare root 2 year old- sold out. Available late February. Mix of landscape and prebonsai.


15 -20 Inch Tall Potted 2+ Year Old Tree - available now

Pre Bonsai trees will have 1 or more lower branches. Sold out until Late June 2023.  Pre bonsai trees will be shorter in height. Please leave your phone number so if we have questions we can pick trees that meet your needs.

Landscape trees will have no lower branches. If you do not specify which style of tree you are wanting, we will send a Landscape Tree.

Ships 3 day UPS on Mondays. Do not ship to PO Boxes, and anywhere else that UPS does not deliver to without surcharges


Potted trees are available now

Bare root trees available to ship Late Feb - March.