Blueberry plants - 29+ Varieties- State Lab tested to be free of diseases & virus

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Blueberry plants - 29+ Varieties
Click on -1 Plant- to see all quantities and prices.  You can order 1 - 24 plants. These are 5-16 inch starter plants grown from disease free tissue culture. We can ship to all States.
If you order one plant, let us know what variety you would like.
If you order 3 or more plants, you can Mix and Match any 3 varieties.

If you are wanting more than 3 varieties, make multiple orders.  Let us know what variety or varieties you would like.

Please let us know when you would like us to ship.  Please note that on 1 and 2 quantity, you have the option of USPS Ground Advantage or Priority 2-3 day. In hot weather over 85 degrees, we recommend the Priority Option.

Choose from:
Northern Highbush Varieties- Requires 800+ hours of 45-32 Degree temperatures to bear fruit. Northern Highbush Blueberry varieties dislike warm winters and extended summer heat. Best in Northern/Central States (USDA 4-8) and the Upper and Middle South (USDA 6-7). 

Earliblue - Available now - The earliest blueberry. Medium/Large size berries, good flavor. USDA Zone 4-8

Blueray - Available now - Early/Mid Season. Large firm sweet berries. Very productive. USDA Zone 4-8

Bluecrop - Available Now - Early/Mid Season. Large, Firm berries of excellent flavor. High yields. Popular commercial variety. USDA Zone 4-8

Berkeley  - Available now - Mid Season. Large berries of excellent dessert quality. Popular U-Pick &  home garden variety. Great fall color. USDA Zone 5-8

Duke - Available now -Early Season. Large berries, high yields, very firm / Great flavor - sweet/tart, Blooms late Cold Hardy. USDA Zone 4-8

Jersey  -  Available Now- Late Season. Medium size berries, Firm, Great flavor, very sweet. Great for muffins and pancakes. Blooms late. Cold hardy. USDA Zone 4-8

Patroit - Available Now- Early Mid Season. Very Large Berry, Good Flavor, Orange Fall Foliage. USDA Zone 4-7 and zone 8 on West Coast.

Spartan- Available Now- Early Season. Very Large Berry, Good Flavor, Red Orange Fall Foliage. USDA Zone 4-8.

MiniBlue - Available Now- Mid Season.Huge Yields of Small Berries with Excellent Flavor. USDA Zone 6-8.

Elliott  - Available Now- Late Season. Large berries up to 1/2". Blooms late to avoid Spring frost. Firm berry, sweeter when ripe. Great fall/winter color. Cold hardy. Not recommended for high elevation early frost areas. USDA Zone 4-8

Chandler - Available Now - Mid to Late Season. The largest berry of any available variety. Ripens over 4–6 weeks. USDA Zones 5-8

Toro- Available Now - Mid Season. Large berries, high yields, sweet flavor. Bright red, fall foliage. USDA Zone 4-8

Sweetheart - Available Now - Northern/Southern Cross-  Early Season and again Late Season. 2 crops of sweet berries per year.  USDA Zones 5-9

Legacy  -Available Now - Late Season.  One of the best flavored blueberry varieties. Mid sized berries with exceptional flavor. Heavy production. Excellent Fall color. USDA Zone 5-8

Pink Lemonade - Available Now - Late Season. Pink flowers, bright pink berries and golden, orange foliage in fall. Medium sized sweet berries.  USDA Zones 4-8

Pink Popcorn - Available Now -Early Mid Season- Larger Berry than Pink Lemonade - Red Fall foliage color- USDA Zones 3-7 and zone 8 on West Coast.

Darrow - SOLD OUT- Mid-Late Season. Very large berries, excellent flavor. Bright scarlet fall foliage. USDA Zones 5-7 and zone 8 on West Coast.

Reka - Available Now- Early Season. One of the fastest growing and vigorous blueberry varieties. High Yields, excellent flavor. USDA Zones 4-7 and zone 8 on West Coast.

Tophat  - Available November 2024- Late Season - Excellent container plant. Compact, just 1 1/2 ft. tall. Full size, firm, flavorful berries with wild blueberry flavor.  Red Fall foliage Zones 3-7 and zone 8 on West Coast.

North Country- Available Now- Half High Early Season- Red Fall foliage color- Medium size berries - Compact, great for containers- USDA Zones 3-7 and zone 8 on West Coast.

NorthBlue- Available Now- Half High Early Season- Red Fall foliage color- Large size berries - Compact, great for containers- USDA Zones 3-7 and zone 8 on West Coast.

Southern  Varieties- take extended heat better than Northern highbush.   Can be grown in the Middle, Lower, and Coastal South (USDA 7-9) , Southern California and Texas (USDA 8-9) and in Northern climates. Requires Less Cooling Hours.

Biloxi - Available Now- (Southern Highbush) Compact, Evergreen. Requires no chill or low chill (less than 150 chill hours) Great for coastal areas and zones 9-10. Medium-sized, firm berries,  great sweet flavor. Often produces 2 large crops a year in zones 9 and 10. Does not yield well in USDA zones below 8.   Self-fertile, cross pollinate for larger berries.

Jubliee - Available Now- Early/midseason (Southern Highbush) Developed in Mississippi. Medium-sized,  sweet berries, and good heat tolerance. Recommended in the South and  California.  USDA Zones 5-9

Sunshine Blue- Available Now - Late Season.  (Southern Highbush)  Compact, only 36 inch tall. Great container  and landscape plant. Tolerant of warmer temperatures. Requires only 150 chilling hours. USDA Zones 5-10  

Misty  - Available Now - Early Season (Southern Highbush) High yielding, heat tolerant, needs only 300 chilling hours. One of the most poplar varieties for California and the South. Sweet, spicy berries. USDA Zones 5-10

Sharpblue - Available Now- Early Season (Southern Highbush) Sweet dime sized sweet berries. Heat tolerant, needs only 200 chilling hours. Developed by University of Florida. Robust 5-6 foot tall shrubs. Do not plant in areas of late Spring Frost. USDA Zones 7-10

O'Neal - Available Now- Early Season (Southern Highbush) Large juicy flavorful berries. Often considered the best tasting Southern Highbush. Heat tolerant. Brilliant red fall color. USDA Zones 5-9

PowderBlue- Available Now- Mid Late Season (Southern Rabbiteye). Mid Size Berries. Heat and Humidity Tolerant. USDA Zones 7-9

Sweetheart - Available Now - Northern/Southern Cross - Early Season and again Late Season. 2 crops of sweet berries per year.  USDA Zones 5-9

All varieties are grown from tissue culture and are 5- 16 inches tall starter plants. Some varieties have been pruned back to promote branching.

Varieties are self fertile, but 2 varieties with similar ripening times will produce more berries.

If you are planning to plant in a container for a season, we recommend our Blueberry Potting Mix. If you are planting in the ground we offer Fir Sawdust if you can not fine it locally. Sawdust should be 30% of your soil mix, plus an additional 3 inches as a mulch to keep soil moist.