Turface MVP Calcined Clay - Bonsai Soil, Succulents, Cactus & Soil Mixes

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Turface MVP. Turface is a high fired Calcined Clay, for use in soil mixes for Bonsai, Succulents, Cactus & soil mixes for specialty nursery plants requiring well draining soil and moisture control. 

Available in 15 Oz., 10 Cups, 5 Quarts, and 3.5 Gallon Volumes. 15 Ounce quantities are shipped First Class, all other volumes are shipped Priority Mail.

- Our 10 cup box will fill 1 1/3 trade gallon containers trade gallon containers.
- Our 5 Quart box will fill 2.5 trade gallon containers trade gallon containers.
- Our 3.5 Gallon box contains 830 cubic inches or over 3.5 gallons liquid measure, or will fill 7 trade gallon containers.


Turface will change color when watered, so you know how dry your plants are. Turface is usually mixed 15-30% with other organic (compost and bark) or inorganic media (pumice and lava) depending on your  plants needs. Particle size is 3/16 and under, has few fines, but has not been screened.

Scenic Hill Farm is a licensed Oregon nursery -- license # L0170090NG