Triple Crown Thornless Blackberry- 2 Year Old Bare Root Canes - Great Tasting Large Berries

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A great tasting totally thornless blackberry. Triple Crown is named for its 3 crowning traits... Flavor, High Yields, and Vigor. Produces easy to pick large firm glossy black berries on semi erect canes. Great for the home garden, u-pick, or berry farms in USDA zones 5-9. Self pollinating, produces berries in early August the year after planting.

Yield as high as 30 pounds per plant have been reported. Plant 3-5 feet apart. Plants are now 12-18 inches tall. Send me a message for pricing on larger quantities.

These plants are huge dormant bare root 2 year old plants. This size you would see in a garden center in 2-3 gallons containers. They were originally 3+ foot tall, but have been pruned back to promote branching. 

Available to be shipped after January 5, 2022

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