Jersey Northern Highbush Blueberry Plants - 9-16 Inch Tall Potted Plants - State Inspected

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Jersey Northern Highbush Blueberry Plants - 9-16 Inch Tall Potted Plants - State Inspected 

Jersey - Late Season. Medium size berries, Firm, Great flavor, very sweet. Great for muffins & pancakes. Blooms late. Cold hardy, USDA Zones 4-8, Zone 3 with wind protection

Northern Highbush varieties are very cold-hardy, making them ideal for home gardens in cooler northern climates of USDA zones 3-8. Besides producing an abundant crops of flavorful blueberries, these plants make great landscape plants with lovely flowers in the spring, dark green foliage that looks beautiful all summer and stunning colors in fall. All northern highbush plants are self-pollinating, but will produce more berries if 2 varieties are planted.

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